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17 Sep

Open Enrollments 2020-21

  • published : 22, October 2020

Thomas Edition High School is glad to announce enrollments for the academic session 2010-21. As part of this, new students can be enrolled for various grades to our prestigious school  by their parents/guardians.

Open Enrollment Process*

  • Open Enrollment takes place during the first two weeks of the current academic session in July. 
  • To request a transfer to a Program of Choice or district school other than your neighborhood school, complete the online Open Enrollment form.
  • Sometime after July 15, the school will validate the forms received and send acceptance notifications to the lucky wards.
  • Acceptances are purely based on available space in the grade and school you are requesting. . 
  • Parents/guardians applying for acceptance will be notified as soon as practical, but notification may be as latest by August 7.
  • Once school summer registration has started, students previously placed on a waiting list might get notifications if any slots open up.